We discovered the work of Adéla Shicker Doušová, a successful Czech jeweler on the website dedicated to Czech design. We found interesting not only the fact that she just graduated at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen, but mainly her engagement and wedding rings collections.

Adela's work is characterized by a sensitive combination of raw metal with precious stones.

We like the concept of the All is Vanity collection the most, where in addition to metal and raw quartz, Adéla used soap, dust and soil to create something as beautiful and at the same time as fleeting as jewelry is. The wearing of these rings leads to their gradual decomposition, when the above mentioned materials fall off until only a bronze ring or silver with raw quartz remains. Simply put, the more you wear this beautiful ring, the more beauty it loses. The author herself states on her website: “The instability and fragility of jewelry indicates the futility of all opulent, precious and beautiful jewelry and points to the futile desire to own them. Because… everything is vanity, and what is more futile than jewelry? ”

You can find out more not only about the All is Vanity collection on the website or on the Instagram of this talented artist. If you are not looking for any jewelry, you will surely be interested in her timeless vases.