AFTER RAIN • Rica Mateiuc

Everyone knows how nature blossoms after a quick summer rain. The leaves are greener, the flowers are more beautifully coloured, and the raindrops shine when the sun rises from the clouds. Close your eyes and inhale! Can you smell it? Open your eyes and enjoy a cheerful and colorful necklace!

Rica Mateiuc lives in a small city from Romania, at the gates of the Danube Delta. She discovered polymer clay almost ten years ago out of desire to make her own jewelry. With this medium, she understood that this is how she can express her creativity. She likes its versatility and the infinite possibilities to combine and shape it.


opaque white and blue metallic polymer clay (Cernit)

alcohol inks in different colours

texture sheet

talcum powder

2 eye pins

cable wire necklace

liquid clay

epoxy resin (Cernit two-component epoxy resin)

big oval cutter

pasta machine



Condition white polymer clay and roll it on the thickest setting of your pasta machine. Sprinkle talcum powder on the texture sheet and imprint very well. Press the texture on the clay firmly because you need to make a deep imprint.


When the sheet of polymer clay is well textured, get ready to apply alcohol ink.


Drop the alcohol ink into the traces of textured polymer clay. Use as many colours you want in order to obtain a very colourful sheet. It should look like a luxurious, luscious garden.


When you are happy with the result, set the sheet aside to let the ink dry completely.


Choose the section of the sheet that you like best. Cut out a big oval. Bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 130°. Let it cool completely.