Meet the work of Jack Henry, an American artist living in Brooklyn who creates sculptures from found objects.

Interesting compositions are created under his hands, in which he combines found objects with other materials such as cement or resin.

In addition to creating 3D objects, Jack also deals with drawing, painting and collage. He exhibits these two-dimensional works of art together with his sculptures, which clearly show a Jacks style - layered abstract compositions.

His hallmark, as mentioned above, is the creation of sculptures from things found on the streets of American cities or in landfills. These things are then put into a pre-prepared mold together with cement, resin and urban debris resulting in variously colored objects consisting of different structures and materials. He characterizes his sculptural work with the apt slogan "monuments to post-industrial America".

The concept of his work is a critique of the post-industrial landscape of cities. Jack claims that

nature is still here with us, but it is no longer able to give us what it once gave,

for which man himself is to blame.

His works thus refer to the issue of environmental pollution and efforts to solve this problem. Jack Henry is also a member of the Extinction Rebellion, which draws attention to the climate crisis and seeks to get people and governments in all countries to talk about it publicly, acknowledge its existence and begin to address it.

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