Everyone has a life story. Someone’s is happier, someone’s is a little bit more complicated. Even famous artists were not the same as who they are today when they started. A long and difficult journey usually led to their success, which the Russian artist Ekaterina Popova could only agree with.

She was born and raised in Russia until she was twelve years old. Then she moved with her mother to the USA, where it was not easy at first. The only thing that kept Ekaterina in a better mood in these difficult times was art, which you can read more about on her website. "Being an artist and a creator saved me," she states on her About page.

The turning point came after young Katja graduated from art school and started looking for a job, which is not that easy at all in the world of art. Unfortunately, one disappointment followed the other. But as they say “everything bad is good for you,“ was also true in this case. It all started with one Ekaterina’s decision to start her own magazine, FreshPaintMagazine. The shy child gradually became an inspiring artist, who, in addition to painting and a magazine running, also created an art podcast and another magazine called Create!.

Ekaterina Popova mainly paints interiors and still lifes. On her Instagram we can find a large number of finished images, but also interesting and inspiring videos capturing the creative process.

Her painting style is characterized by ingenious work with light and shadow. The dynamics of strokes and the choice of colors are admirable, too, thanks to which the images look "alive" and draw the viewer into the story. Her color palette knows no boundaries, so in her portfolio we can find various color palettes.

Ekaterina is currently working on a very interesting project, The Art Queens, where she tries to help starting artists and where she shares her experience of living as an artist and businesswoman in one. The already mentioned podcast Create! Is also related to this project, which is definitely worth listening to. Ekaterina is definitely an inspiring being!