One of the typical aspects of postmodernism is that anyone can be an artist. However, some artists still surpass their other artistic colleagues in their abilities. One of them is the talented young German artist Marco Mori who specializes in motion design and 3D graphics.

We have noticed his work on Instagram, where he regularly shares his art.

He was born in 1992 in Germany where he also later studied interactive media. It was during his studies when he learned to code, gained experience in the field of design but mainly fell in love with the creation of 3D graphics and motion design. He has devoted all his time and energy to his hobby since then.

The main theme of his work is man, or rather the human body, which he deforms in various ways. We can find human bodies of any age or type of figures who get inflated or disintegrated, they fall, run, flow or turn into sand in his videos. He sometimes places his animations into a real environment.

He is currently working as a freelancer and is continuing his studies at the Hochschule Augsburg where he is working on his diploma thesis in the field of animation. According to him he is constantly working on self-development. He tries new techniques, styles and combines different media to improve his skills and to be able to implement his ideas.

You can examine his artwork in detail on his website, where all his important clients are located, including the world-famous group Gorillaz and rapper Kanye West. You will also find here, for example, interesting interviews that he has given during his artistic career.