Andrzej Szymczyk was born in Cracow, Poland. He graduated with MA Degree in Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and studied Fine Arts in the University of Newcastle. Since 2012 he has been living in London. He is associated as a sculpture artist with Bow Arts Trust.

You could have seen his sculptures in White Cube Gallery or in Buckingham Palace. He completed pieces for three members of the Royal family: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince William.

Andrzej got into sculpting very naturally and by instinct and as far as he remembers it was always sculpture. He is of course interested in other spectrum of art as well. It looks as if he was born to sculpt. Andrzej mostly sculpts from natural clay because as per his words it is very dynamic and has beautiful expressions.

“Physicality of sculpture is something I love. Full, physical, three dimensional interaction with matter. This is also the hard and difficult aspect of the discipline. It requires a lot of work and energy,“ says Andrzej about his art.

When we ask about his inspiration Andrzej says: ”The nature. Fascination with the natural world and especially aquatic creatures began when I was in primary school. I had a fish tank and it was the only contact with the “natural world” I had at that time. I carefully observed and studied the life inside. This aquarist passion kept going until I started scuba diving. It felt natural for me to translate that fascination and passion into the language of sculpture.”

One of his most important and successful shows was the most recent RSMA20, which after he got awarded membership of Royal Society of Marine Artists.

Andrzej shares with us his secret of success which might be surprising for some: „I have practiced Judo since I was 7 and have competed at high international levels. The discipline has a significant impact on every aspect of my personality. The mindset of judo is also the way in which I approach my life. For me it means dealing with problems and tasks in resourceful manners and never settling for anything less than the absolute best. In terms of my sculpture, I require myself to be perfect at every stage along the way to completing a finished piece. These highest standards of perfection are what I strive to live by and are what guide me in my art.”

After that we could not resist asking if there is any advice he can give to artists who would like to make a living from their work?

“Follow your art not money and money will follow.“