COLORFUL SEA SLUG • Christophe Gilland

Christophe Gilland is a multi talented artist born in Ireland, grew up in Orlando, Florida and Vancouver, Canada. Eleven years ago he decided to reconnect with his mother’s home country and moved from America to the Czech Republic. Apart from being an illustrator he started to sculpt. He has only been using polymer clay in his artwork for four years however his sculpting skills are remarkable.

Nudibranchs are a type of sea slug that come in an astonishing variety of shapes and colors. Looking up images of these living jewels is always a great source of inspiration. They make a lovely subject for the polymer clay sculpting. Feel free to use colored clay for this sculpture, the result will also be very nice.


polymer clay - scrap or in colors

aluminium foil

alcohol, paintbrush


acrylic paints

interference paint (Interference Green-Orange by Golden)

acrylic gloss varnish

dental tool or needle tool

ball styluses

mini spatula tool


Use aluminium foil to form the basic shape of the slug. Give it a raised and rounded head, a pointed tail and an “S” curve to the body.

2. Cover with a layer of clay, make sure to maintain the curved shape.

3. Add a small ball of clay to the back.