Art is a wonderful tool for humanity to respond to events without the need to use spoken or written words. This tool can even respond much better and more effectively than words. And what else to respond to today than to the most inflected topic in the world, COVID-19.

It was only a matter of time before the first artworks with the mask motif appeared, as it is something that limits us, that limits one of our senses, a smell.

It is often said that if we stop using one of the senses, the other will develop more. So maybe thanks to the masks we started to see more and started to pay attention to things around us, to appreciate nature and everyday life.

Another thing that had to be done was to stay in the quarantine. Many people needed to express themselves somehow when being in a lockdown, somehow differently, somehow legally, but at the same time so that they shared their opinion with others and so the concept of Covid Art has been born.

Covid Art is actually a kind of shared therapy where artists from all over the world react to what they think about this topic. The idea of ​​art shared on the Internet was also supported by the fact that all museums closed and there was nowhere to go for inspiration or just to have a look. These were the reasons for the birth of the internet gallery "CAM The Covid Art Museum", which is backed by Emma Calvo, Irene Llorca and José Guerrero from Spain. In this Instagram account you can follow the reactions to the current situation from all over the world, or just try to get involved and express your opinion. The artists like to share and show their best drawings, paintings, graphics or even sculptures inspired by the theme of Covid Art.

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