Canadian artist Story of Sweet Lemons has been creative already during her studies. She got into watercolours however it was difficult to keep it up with a hectic work schedule so she decided to carry on her artistic desires as a digital illustrator which helps her to cope through the world pandemic situation.

She has experimented with jewelry before and loves working with her hands, so anytime she feels uninspired in illustrations, she switches over to jewelry making, putting together colour combinations, which she then ends up using again in illustrations.

Her illustrations are colorful views of the cities. „I started travelling in 2019. I loved Florence and Scotland – Florence for its history, and Scotland because of its people, stunning landscape, and raw, beautiful, untouched nature! I’ve visited four places I’ve illustrated so far. I would love to visit Istanbul in Turkey, Mardin and Cappadocia one day,“ shares her travel dreams Nadine and continues:

„I find drawing is also a form of manifestation. If I see it in front of me, hopefully I’ll find

myself there one day! I use reference pictures, but I like to also be imaginative

in overlaying prominent places that are not real.“

Her brand Story of Sweet Lemon started by illustrating during COVID, it was her way of making lemonade out of lemons. Nadine is using a Procreate app to make her illustrations.

She starts off with a sketch, then builds up with more precise line work and then works layer by layer with colours, shading, and then finishing off with accents like halogen lights, plantation and people.

What about you? Have you tried any digital art? What do you think about that? You can definitely get inspiration from Nadine's Instagram account or her Etsy store.