Photography in general can be a very expensive hobby, but it doesn't necessarily have to be so if you know exactly what you need. You can have the most expensive camera on the market, but if the subject you want to shoot for example isn't lit properly, a good camera won’t save it. So here are some tips and the gear you should know about.


Don't underestimate the light. Most people will downplay the importance of light and that is the mistake number one. Even very cheap light can save your photo

Only thing you need to pay attention to is the temperature of the light, which is measurable in kelvins. In the beginning you should know the light has three main stages - warm white (2000 - 3000K), cool white (3100 - 4500K) and daylight (4600 - 6000K), which will affect the color of the light. I know its seem difficult but it isn't, just make sure that your light is somewhere between 4500 - 5500K and combine this with your camera settings (white balance is a camera setting that allows you to control the temperature of the image).

There are two ways to achieve that. You can either buy an inexpensive softbox (you can find some around 60$) or just shoot near the bright window, which is the easiest thing you can do.

Tip: If you shoot by the window, use a big sheet of white paper to reflect the light from the window to your subject.

As you can see, the shadows are more visible which means the subject is brighter and you can see more details.


Second very important thing that you want to get done right is the background where you shoot. If you have a background that leaks contrast with your subject it won’t work at all.

Tip: Make your own photo backdrops, paint some sheets of plywood and make textures and color combinations that will look good with the subject you shoot or just use white paper which works with everything.


For shooting tutorials or videos a tripod isn't necessary but it makes things so much easier. You don't need to worry about the right angles, you just do it once. Your camera is stable and I'm sure that you will appreciate that.

You can buy any tripod that is stable enough to hold your camera.


There are many options here, a lot of them are free and a lot of them are not. You will be surprised but you can edit your photos on your phone very easily. One option is an application named Snapseed. It's free and very easy to use. If you want to edit your photos on a pc, one of the many options is Lightroom from Adobe, my personal favorite. Don't make the photo super edited, just adjust basic adjustments such as exposure, contrast and, if you need, white balance. We will come back to this topic soon.


Finally, camera. What camera should you buy? The answer is simpler than you think. You don't need to have a very expensive camera to create basically anything you need. You can use even your phone if you have a very good light. It really doesn't matter what you shoot on, you just need to know how to operate the camera you have.

Tip: If you shoot on an Iphone, use a portrait mode because the settings allow you to have digital bokeh, which adds more flair to your photo.

Photography and video shooting is an incredibly huge topic. The important thing is trying on your own and learning from mistakes. I hope this article has brought you some basic ideas, because in the next article we are going to focus on the set of your camera to get perfect results and high quality photos any time of the day. See you soon!