One of the biggest benefits of art is that you can become an artist at virtually any time and do not need any professional education or years of experience. The Australian painter Joan Blond, who started her artistic career after twenty-five years of being a lawyer, can tell you more about it.

Her paintings will amaze you with the amount of positive energy that Joan transmits to you through her art.

Stylistically, her work belongs to abstract expressionism, which first appeared in America at the end of World War II. This modern dynamic style was made famous by names like Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns or Willem de Kooning.

Joana's work has a lot in common with these great artists, but what is the different is the theme. Her paintings are influenced by the relaxed country life and the feelings of happiness that she experiences while creating.

“I am blessed to share my stories and to evoke emotion through each and every piece.”

She prefers to work with acrylic paints, thanks to which she can apply thicker layers and achieve plasticity of the image. However, Joana is working with oil paints or combining media as well and can achieve the textures she wants only by experimenting with them.

She was introduced to drawing and painting by her mother, and although Joan decided to go in a different direction, she found her way to art back over the years. Even as a self-taught artist, she achieved the successes that many studied artists have been waiting for for many years. She has organized two large solo exhibitions, several group exhibitions, and her paintings are part of many important collections of private collectors around the world.

The story of Joan Blond, whose work you can also see on Instagram, can be an inspiration for everyone who dreams of devoting themselves fully to what brings them joy and happiness. Even though the start will be difficult, it's worth it!

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