It might seem that the collage has completely disappeared from the art scene. Artist and originally graphic designer Cydne Jasmin Coleby brought this artistic technique back to life and transformed it into a medium of high aesthetic value. It will simply be full of patterns and colors at the Society today!

Cydne comes from the Bahamas, where she was born in 1993 and where she got a master's degree in art a few years later. After graduating, she devoted herself fully to graphic design, specializing in brand design. During her short but very successful career, she was part of many art projects and collaborated with many important companies and institutions. In addition to this, she has also worked on collages which she makes using combined techniques or created them using digital tools.

The main idea behind her work is the exploration of human identity and traumatic experiences through the self. She transfers these results of her exploration and a kind of message into her colourful collages.

“Self-reflection is an intrinsic aspect to my art practice. Through my graphic collages I examine personal and collective/ancestral relationships to trauma and conditioning.”

She often captures the moments she experienced herself and which gradually shaped her personality. We can see family photographs, parts of her own body or tropical motifs referring to her native Bahamas in her works, and so on.

This young artist has achieved significant success on an international level, which is not the only reason to follow her artistic achievements on Instagram or Facebook. Her works are important for society mainly due to their message.

Cydne has organized exhibitions not only in the Bahamas, but even in France, London and New York, and she certainly has not finished, yet. Her works are also part of domestic and international collections, including a private collection by renowned art consultant and curator Marie Brito. We will definitely hear more about this artist from the Bahamas in the future!