It's time for a lovely Christmas tutorial created by Anna Kalintseva. The Russian artist says that she fell in love with polymer the moment she tried it, because it gives her incredible opportunities. She continues to improve her knowledge and skills while experimenting and spending many hours working with clay and paints. Learn some interesting techniques and tricks from Anna in this tutorial and create your Fairy Christmas tree on your own.


air dry clay (or polymer clay)

natural wood cut, stabilized moss

plastic eyes, beveled stack

rolling pin, iron texture brush

stationery knife, nail scissors

toothpick, aluminium foil

synthetic brush, PVA glue

acrylic paints and acrylic contour pencil

1. Take the aluminium foil and shape it into a cone.

2. Take a white air dry clay and add green acrylic paint to it. Stir the clay until smooth.

3. Repeat the previous step with the red and brown paint. You should get three colors of clay.

4. Take a foil cone, apply PVA glue and wrap with green clay and bend the tip.

5. Make the texture with an iron brush from top to bottom, over the entire surface of the cone.

6. With the back of the iron brush, make indentations and paste the eyes into them.