Many of you have already known Jana Honnerová who creates wonderful polymer clay jewelry full of precise geometric patterns and lovely metallic colors.

This time Jana and Lucy decided to have a conversation about Jana’s polymer clay career and experience with its community.

Hello Jana! I assume that many members of the Society already know you but for those who are not familiar with your artwork, how would you introduce yourself and your polymer clay art?

Hi Lucy! Tough question in the beginning. I am from Czech Republic, creating jewelry and small objects, teaching workshops and enjoying life. My artwork is often based on geometry principals.

Geometry is definitely one of your characteristics. Do you think that from your polymer clay beginnings you were always into geometric style? How would you compare those times with your current artwork?

Yes, I was always obsessed with squares and circles. You can find stripes and bargello patterns in my creations from the beginning till now. I feel comfortable in perfection. And I find it in geometry. When I compare my current pieces to my older ones, I can see that my older work was more playful, and recent work seems to me more complex.

What about colors? How do you think about them in your creations?

I think the most important thing is contrast. I often use black and white as contrast colours. Together with them I use another solid colour or skinner blend. In my colour mixes I follow the basic colour wheel with red, blue and yellow. Not a big deal.

I remember that you fell in love with Premo clay. Is this still the main brand you work with? What do you like the most about it?

Yes, it is still true. I love Premo metallic and how firm they are. They are kind of different - they don't show dust and fingerprints. I also like the mica and pearl effect. I use the pearl clay instead of white or I mix them together.

Metallic colors are definitely another characteristic part of your art. Many people from all over the world admire those patterns you create, and the color palette you use. Can you mention anyone who has inspired you significantly during your polymer clay career?

I think everyone is inspired by other artists, sometimes you see the inspiration immediately, sometimes not. But everyone gets inspired. In my creations I see the strong influence of Elise Winters. But also thousands of others. And not only polymer clay artists. Art is art, no matter the material. My colour palette is not very wide - I don't like thinking about colours, so I mostly use similar mixes. And everything else is the beauty of the clay itself.

Did you get any experiences from master classes and workshops of teachers from different countries?

Each class I took gave me what I expected. I have a strong technical feeling so mostly I see the process before I start to create the piece. But every class gave me at least some tricks tips leading me to something else. I also like to watch other artists to teach, everyone has a unique teaching style.

What about your own classes? You traveled to many places where you shared your knowledge with other enthusiasts.

I am blessed that I had the opportunity to teach in many countries around the world. It is the best part of it - meeting people, traveling, seeing places, and being the “star” for a moment. Last year I taught online classes and it was great, too. I am happy that the worldwide situation opened it fully. It is the best way of learning, especially for those who are not able to travel. Live events have something more into them, and offer something else, as well.