You will be greeted by "I make jewellery that people dream of." on his website. This is exactly what the portfolio of the Czech goldsmith Luboš Korbička is about. His clients include celebrities, clients from abroad but also ordinary people who long for an original wedding ring.

He has had a love for goldsmithing since he was a child, so it is no wonder that he decided to study it and also study jewellery design. His studio is in Brno however he doesn’t hesitate to travel around the world to find the perfect stones for his jewellery. With his team, he creates earrings, pendants, engagement and wedding rings but also very original rings with precious stones made according to the customer's wishes.

As he states on his website, he does not skimp on the material because the jewellery has to serve its owner for many years. We like the fact that they do not hide the high price of their jewellery and share it happily with all the curious people on social networks. Luboš doesn’t pretend to be somebody else, he does his craft honestly and with love, which is what not only beautiful jewellery but also the whole sophisticated visual identity of the brand show.

You can look at the perfect work of Luboš Korbička on his website or you can see what is going on in the Brno studio on the already mentioned Instagram.