From a very young age, Jennifer Sloan loved art in all forms. She would draw, paint and create, whenever she had the opportunity to do so. Her oldest daughter loved Play-doh as a toddler and they would play and create for hours.

“It was always very sad when we had to squish our creations and put them away so that's why I wanted to make things for her that she could keep forever,” says Jennifer. She did some research and found polymer clay and fell in love with it and never looked back.

“I started creating realistic baby sculptures, moved on to robots, animals, monsters, pretty much anything I could think of. Dinosaurs and dragons came later and quickly became my very favorite things to sculpt. Now I even make some species of my own. I get an idea for a creature and immediately have this need to bring it to life,” says Jennifer and we are glad we can offer you the tutorial so you can make one of her amazingly cute stegosaurus by yourself.

Enjoy your creating and hopefully you will share your beautiful dinos with us on social networks!


aluminum foil

masking tape

rubbing alcohol

skin toned polymer clay

translucent polymer clay

glass or acrylic taxidermy eyes

assorted sculpting tools

silicone tipped brush tools

dotting tools, texture rolling tools

pointed nail tools and knife tools

a reference photo to help with anatomy

paint of your choice (I use Genesis heat set paint thinned with odorless mineral spirits and mop brushes to apply)

bright green pigment powder and liquid polymer clay.

1. Create a body shape from aluminum foil.


Wrap the foil body with a masking tape.

3. Condition the clay and prepare a thin sheet on the machine and place it over your armature. Bake the armature according to the manufacturer's instructions and let it cool down.


Hold your armature by the cured head shape for support. Bulk up your body shape with conditioned, raw clay. Extend the end of the body out to create a curved tail.


Condition 2 lumps of clay that are about the same size. Using your large dotting tool, create guides for where the rear legs will be placed.