THE QUEEN OF HEARTS • Pauliina Mathlin

Pauliina Mathlin aka Onni Crafts is a very talented Finnish artist who has a good base of fans following her sculpting skills on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and even got very popular on a new platform named TikTok.

Sculpting has been a big passion for her since for more than a year and her skills are already incredible. After making her first sculpture from polymer clay it felt like she had finally found the right way to use her creativity.

Today’s tutorial Pauliina prepared for you is inspired by her favourite story Alice in Wonderland again. You will learn how to sculpt Queen of Hearts all by yourself!

First you will make a head with the face learning how to texture the hair and make the face features, then you will build the body armature, you will learn how to shape the dress and decorate it and finally paint the whole figure to achieve the best results. Will you give it a try?


Polymer clay Metal wire for armature ø 1,8 mm and 0,3 m

Masking tape


Pair of eyes size 7mm

Rubbing alcohol

Sculpting tools

Rolling pin

Acrylic paints, gold paint for details

Paint brushes

Piece of fabric for texturing

Piece of scrap wood to anchor the armature while sculpting

The finished statue is about 25cm tall. Her head is quarter of her height, a torso a quarter as well and a skirt part is a half.


Starting with a piece of thick wire, add tinfoil and press it to a ball shape. Secure it to that wire with a masking tape. Cover it with clay. Add more clay to form a jaw. Make holes for eyes and add them. Add more clay to form cheekbones and brow bone. Add nose and make a cut for mouth.


Form lips by dragging clay outside of that cut. Make a cupid’s bow and nostrils with a dotting tool. Add thin pieces of clay to form eyelids. Make them as flat as possible. Create a crease for upper lids and shape them. To create ears, start with an oval piece of clay. Use a dotting tool to make a round pit to the lower part of the ear and a ”banana” shape pit above that.


Connect those two pits with a line. Half of the ear will be covered with hair so I didn’t spend too much time on them. Now it's time to smooth the clay with a rubbing alcohol and a paintbrush. Don't use your best brush for this, it might get some damage. Dip that brush to alcohol and start smoothing, clean your brush from melted clay to avoid crumbles.

After smoothing, add two short pieces of wire on top of her head, these will help to support her hair. Time for first baking. 5-10 minutes is enough for these partial bakings to make it stable but it's not fully cured so it still needs to be handled with care. Use the right temperature according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Roll a flat piece of clay and cut it to a spiky shape, I ended up making six spikes.Decorate the edges. For this I used a paper clip. Cut the rubber that covers it and pull it a little bit so that the tip becomes hollow. Add small balls of clay to make gemstones and roll it to a crown shape. Bake it for about 10 minutes and let it cool.

Add tinfoil to those wire antennas and cover with clay. Shape it to a heart shape and place that crown on top. Make waves to form curls and use a pointy tool to define hair strings. Use rubbing alcohol to smooth the hairline if needed. After finishing the hair texture, bake the head for another 5-10min.


Make an armature as shown in the picture. Add a piece of wire to make arms. For extra support you can attach smaller pieces of wire under the arms. Use tinfoil to bulk up that skirt and torso and cover it completely with a masking tape. Add a piece of baking sheet between your armature and that wood base to avoid clay sticking to that wood. Make a hole for the head and push it in. Add masking tape If needed to attach it more securely.


Use thinner wire to make an armature for hands. Cut 10 pieces of about 8 cm length of wire, fold them in half and twist them. For each hand take 5 of those twisted wires and attach them with another piece of wire. Bend the fingers to the right position and start to cover that armature with clay.