Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple is an American graphic designer dedicated to new media art. You can find a wide range of artworks that include 3D and 4D graphics on his website.

Interesting are the so-called "VJ loops", which are animation loops created in a Cinema 4D software and that are synchronized with the sound.

It was this type of 4D graphics that connected him with artists such as Justin Bieber, Eminem or Katy Perry. Some VJ loops are available to download on his website for free, so anyone can use it for their own music video.

One of his most interesting projects is called "Everydays". Mike Winkelmann has been creating one graphic piece per day for the last thirteen years in a row, which he publishes online on his website and social networks every day. His graphic works respond to events in the world, mainly in his native America.

Mike’s popularity does not decrease through the years, quite the opposite. His graphics, for example, were part of the clothing of the world-famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton in the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. He also drew attention by selling one work from the Everydays series called "Undersea Pineapple", which was auctioned for $ 116,500.

The number of artists who create 3D and 4D graphics is constantly increasing. On the other side there are fewer and fewer of those who paint, draw or sculpt. What do you think, will everything connected with the concept of art move to the online world in the future?