ROCKING HORSE • Irina Zubareva

Irina Zubareva, who was born in Russia, but currently lives in Belgium, creates beautiful pieces, in which she incorporates pearls and gemstones and – just like the original Art Nouveau style jewellery – often depicts plants and animals. Irina’s artwork represents a style she admires very much.

Get inspired by Irina’s artwork and create a detailed Rocking horse brooch from polymer clay on your own.


different tools for wire wrapping technique – clippers, pliers, cutters, etc.

liquid clay

brooch pin - 28 mm in gold colour

metal wire ø 0,3mm

metal wire ø 0.6mm, not too soft - for inlaying to make all construction secure

gemstones, pearls or crystals

Adirondack alcohol inks

isopropyl alcohol 70%

dry soft pastels

matt varnish


Start with drawing your future project in a 1:1 scale (in the exact size you need) and cut out the stencil. Make sure that a brooch pin you have chosen is a bit smaller than the body of the horse with its length and stones as well.


Condition black clay and roll it into a 1 mm thin sheet, big enough to fit the stencil. Cut out with a knife. Work on a glass or ceramic tile.


Put the brooch pin on the top and make two holes by using a needle. You will need these holes later, and it's rather easier to make them now than to drill after the clay is baked.


Take silver pins (or any stable wire ø 0.6 mm), cut their heads and place them on the clay for security and sturdiness of the whole construction.