SUNSET ON A BOAT • Avet Stepanian

Avet Stepanian is an Armenian designer and he has worked with polymer clay for the last seven years. His jewelry ideas are mostly inspired by Armenian nature and culture and he includes old Armenian ornaments and shapes into his designs resulting in exclusive jewelry and bags.

“Art is my very important way of self-manifestation that helps me pay more attention to all the beauty that's around us and appreciate it. Especially working with polymer clay gives me a wide space of opportunities for implementation of my crazy mind,” shares with us Avet and we are happy to let you follow one of his tutorials that will teach you how to create a design and then shave the top layers of the clay which reveals the design underneath.


Polymer clay Blades straight and wavy

Roller or machine

Baking paper

Round cutter ⌀ 3 mm

Square cutter 45 x 45 mm


Liquid clay

Brooch pin

Pendant components


Condition dark blue, purple and orange clay and run it through the machine on the thin setting. Cut them diagonally and place them next to each other as shown on the picture.


Fold it in half and run it through the machine on the middle setting until you have a skinner blend effect.


This particular blended sheet is going to be used for the background sunset.


Condition sheets of blue, turquoise and white clay and put them one on another.


Use a wavy blade to create “waves” by pressing it through the whole sheet.


Use a straight sharp blade to shave the top layer off.


Cut one side of “sunset” and “sea” sheets with a wavy blade and put them together to create a landscape.


Place a thin light gold sheet on a thick brown one.


Use a flexible straight blade and other small tools to press a boat shape or any kind of ship into the clay stack.


Shave the top layer very carefully off. This time you will not use the bottom layer of the design but the top one. So you will need the whole shape of the boat in one piece.


Prepare sheets of black, silver and white clay and put them into a stack.


We will make the “sail” in the same way as the boat, using a flexible blade.


Slice off a thin layer, which will be used as the “sail”.


Place the slices of “boat” and “sail” on the landscape. You can use little stripes of black clay to create birds and other lines on the ship.


Put the baking paper over the clay picture and smooth the surface by using the roller.


Use a cutter of any shape to cut out your pendant. This one is a square one. Bake it according to the manufacturer's instructions.


After baking, sand the surface with sandpaper 1000, 1200 and 1500.


Glue in brooch and pendant components and cover it with a sheet of blue clay using a liquid between baked and raw sheets of clays. Texture with the sandpaper. Bake it again.


Your original brooch and pendant is ready!

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