Andrea Sanchéz is a polymer clay artist from Spain. “I was always a daydreamer as a child, I used to imagine magical creatures around me at all times. I wanted them to become real but I didn’t think it was possible back then. It wasn’t until I discovered the Art doll world and polymer clay material and realised I could, actually, bring all those creatures to life,” she says.

For creating this project Angela got inspired by a moment with her mum. “One day, my mum was making tea and it just hit me,” she explains. Later her Tea Sprouts little sculptures were born! Would you like to create one, too? Now it's your time!


• White polymer clay

• Ballpoint stylus

• Pointed stylus

• Green pastels

• Soft brushes

• Wire

• White fabric

• Acrylic paints

• Glue

• Cushion stuffing

• Needle and thread

• String

• Wooden ball ⌀ 2.5 cm

• Aluminium foil

1. Get a wooden ball and cover it with aluminium foil.

2. Add some clay to the front part of the ball and place the eyes. They have to be slightly to the sides as shown in the picture.

3. Start blending in the clay.

4. Create a roll of clay and place it around the eyes. Add pieces of clay on the empty spaces between the eyes and nose and blend.