Andrea Sanchéz is a polymer clay artist from Spain. “I was always a daydreamer as a child, I used to imagine magical creatures around me at all times. I wanted them to become real but I didn’t think it was possible back then. It wasn’t until I discovered the Art doll world and polymer clay material and realised I could, actually, bring all those creatures to life,” she says.

For creating this project Angela got inspired by a moment with her mum. “One day, my mum was making tea and it just hit me,” she explains. Later her Tea Sprouts little sculptures were born! Would you like to create one, too? Now it's your time!


• White polymer clay

• Ballpoint stylus

• Pointed stylus

• Green pastels

• Soft brushes

• Wire

• White fabric

• Acrylic paints

• Glue

• Cushion stuffing

• Needle and thread

• String

• Wooden ball ⌀ 2.5 cm

• Aluminium foil

1. Get a wooden ball and cover it with aluminium foil.

2. Add some clay to the front part of the ball and place the eyes. They have to be slightly to the sides as shown in the picture.

3. Start blending in the clay.

4. Create a roll of clay and place it around the eyes. Add pieces of clay on the empty spaces between the eyes and nose and blend.

5. Using some foil, create a kind of roll as shown on the picture, this will go on the top part of the head.

6. Place the foil roll on the top part of the head, add some clay and blend.

7. Using a pointed tool, go around the eyes to smooth the shape out.

8. Create some thin likes around the eyes, like wrinkles.

9. Grab two small pieces of clay and flatten them out using your fingers to create the drop shape shown in the picture.

10. Place these flat pieces on the bottom part of the eyes, they will be the bottom eyelids.

11. Draw lines on the eyelids using a pointed tool.

12. Using a small ballpoint stylus, draw lines all over the face.

13. Colour the face with different green coloured pastels. Use soft brushes. And tap the powder onto the clay, do not brush. Place in the oven and bake according to the manufacturer's instructions.

14. Once the head has been baked and cooled down, take the wooden ball out and fill the gap with a foil.

15. Add some clay to complete the rounded head and draw lines using the ballpoint stylus.

16. Cut a piece of wire and pin it at the bottom of the head. Leave this to the side for now and let's start to create the body.

17. For the body, create a cone with a flat top, as shown on the picture.

18. Now we will make the legs. Make two small balls of clay and use your fingers to create a shape as shown in the picture. Place both legs on the sides of the body.

19. Add 2 rounded pieces of clay to the back of the body to create the butt and blend it out.

20. Make 2 tiny cones of clay to create the arms and attach them to the sides, on top of the legs.

21. Use the ball stylus to create more lines on the body. Then, colour the back of the head and body with pastels and pin the head down to the body. It's time to bake it all together.

22. Once it's all nicely baked and cool, create dark green splashes all over the Teasprout. To do so, use acrylic paint with a lot of water. You want the paint to be very liquid so it can splash properly. Let it dry and apply varnish.

23. Time for the eyes! Using black acrylic paint, draw the big pupils on the eyes. You can add some varnish to these, too. Your Teasprout body is done!

24. For the pouch you will need to cut out 6 white circles of fabric and thread the edges as shown in the picture. Make sure to not tie the thread ends, just leave them loose for now.

25. Use red, orange and yellow acrylic paints to colour the circles. Make sure to water down the acrylic so it's not thick and the fabric doesn’t stay stiff when it dries. Once everything is dry, paint some yellow dots on the circles.

26. Let the circles dry. Place the outside colourful part facing down and add some stuffing inside. Then pull the thread ends to create a small bag and tie the knot.

27. To create the top part of the Teasprout, stick a long piece of white string to the top of the head. Just have it the length you like.

28. Now let's stick the bags to the head. They follow this pattern: one at the front, 2 on the sides of the front one, 2 on the back and one on top of the head.

29. You can use some tape or lace to keep them in place while the glue dries. Your Teasprout is done!