Ton, originally Thonet, is a well-known Czech company founded in 1861 by Michael Thonet in the small town Bystřice pod Hostýnem. It was the oldest factory for bentwood furniture in the world which was situated among beech forests, from where it obtained material. The unusual system of organization of workers' work as well as the fact that production materials did not have to be imported caused the low cost of the produced furniture and the associated worldwide interest in Thonet's products.

With growing interest and an increasing number of orders, the company itself began to grow. Within ten years, the number of employees was around 2.000, to which Michael Thonet responded by setting up a nursery, a specialised school focused on wood processing, building workers' houses in the area and contributing to the construction of a railway which was also needed to operate the factory.

Although the Thonet Company survived both World Wars, those times brought considerable problems and changes. In 1953, the name was changed from Thonet to TON, which is an abbreviation of the words "Továrna na Ohýbaný Nábytek" - factory for bentwood furniture.

Today, TON products are not talked about as the cheapest furniture that you can find in every other restaurant. Quite the opposite. The company cooperates with several top designers not only from Czech Republic and creates well-thought-through collections of furniture in the highest quality of craftsmanship in which collectors are interested. In addition to the new furniture, which is a truly luxurious commodity in the TON Company, many interiors also feature their historic chairs which people like to renovate.

One such place where you can repair your old chair or armchair is a small workshop in Prague run by Filip and Daria Truhlář. Take a look at their Instagram and fall in love with bentwood furniture which can be an inspiration in your own creation!