WIRE EARRINGS • Martina Zlatníková

Martina Zlatníková graduated as an economist, but from an early age she tended to craft and liked beads a lot. Six years ago, on maternity leave, she began to create jewelry from polymer clay. Recently, she has also been sewing and bead crocheting.

Martina Zlatníková is known for the elaborate details of her jewelry, in which she likes to combine various materials. This time she has prepared a tutorial for polymer clay earrings decorated with the still popular screen printing technique. Martina used wires to connect the polymer components. She achieved not only an interesting accent but also a balanced composition. The shape of the earrings provides a lot of space to experiment with colors, patterns and even textures.


polymer clay with metallic effect

machine, blade, scalpel

gold acrylic color, screen printing template

round cookie cutter 3 cm diameter

square cookie cutter, texture sponge

liquid polymer

small metal bowl for baking

wire 0.5 mm, 2x eye pin

earrings components, pliers, pinchers


Condition the clay in your chosen color and run it through the machine on the middle setting. Get the screen printing template ready.


Create the pattern on the sheet with the screen printing technique and let dry.


Then cut 2 circles with the 3cm cutter and by using a square cutter cut off the ¼ of the circles.


Place all 4 shapes on the baking bowl or other concave surface and bake according to the manufacturer's instructions.


By using pliers cut sixteen 2cm long pieces of wire.


Cover the backs of cooled down shapes with a liquid polymer. Prepare another sheet of clay on the thinnest setting, cut off the shapes and place it on their backs. Start to place the wires into this layer of unbaked clay.


When you finish with the wires do not forget to make a loop and place it on the ¼ of the circles. Prepare another sheet of clay and texture it. Cut the same shapes again.