We present to you the talented Austrian illustrator Petra Braun today, whom we discovered on our travels on social networks. We were fascinated by her work thanks to her distinctive style of illustrations and pleasant colour combinations.

As the main goal of her work is to strengthen the position of women in society. Petra's illustrations largely depict women who are captured in everyday activities and also in dream scenes. In addition, she tries to show her love for nature and animals.

Petra Braun is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator specializing in digital illustration. According to her, she has a special sense for detail and balanced colour palettes, which is obvious at a first glance. She finds the main inspiration in the already mentioned strong women, nature or the animal kingdom. She likes to combine these motifs in her illustrations, which leads to very original compositions.

We also recommend visiting her eshop where you can buy various things from handbags, pillow covers, leggings to mobile phone covers, all just with Petr's illustrations. Or just watch her Instagram full of colour and joy; it would surely make your day!