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Discover the captivating similarities between the human body and the natural world in our next challenge. How are they connected? What is visually strong and can be showcased through polymer clay? Dive deep into patterns, shapes, rhythms, shared by both the human form and the ecosystems of nature.

The deadline for sending your submissions is May 28.

The winner will be showcased in the next edition of Polymer Week Magazine, with four full pages dedicated to highlighting their art and design.

phil hl.jpg

It's been quite interesting! With the April challenge, many of our members got deep into a conceptual way of interpreting an idea through polymer clay. And we could not be more proud!

"The Marvel of Futurism" as a theme showcased several directions that you chose to go. Big congratulations to Phil Porter who won a 100 EUR voucher for the Polymer Week store, and to all other participants who stepped outside their comfort zone.



The March challenge, titled 'Tiny Beautiful Things,' sparked a flood of creative ideas among our members. We witnessed a variety of interpretations, each showcasing unique perspectives. After all, the concepts of "Tiny" and "Beautiful" can vary greatly from person to person.  


Els Bouchier wowed us with her submission: a polymer clay mosaic inspired by Paul Klee's painting. She dedicated days to perfecting the colors, cutting mosaic pieces, and crafting the final masterpiece. Truly inspiring!


In February, our members drew inspiration from the world of typography. Whether it was letters, words, signs in stores, or layouts in magazines, we delved into the diverse aspects of typography, connecting them to your polymer clay artwork.  


The winner of the challenge was Phil Porter, who gracefully used a political motif to create jewelry with a strong message. Rather than judge people with different opinions, this piece is a wonderful example of how art can influence and connect.




The theme of our very first challenge took many of our members into directions they have never been in. It was exciting to see entries from you, members from all over the world, hearing about your experience, process, and new things you learned.  


The winner of the challenge was Virginie Enza Garnier who created a sculpture of incredible scale. She visited a world of her brother and tried to create an artwork based on his style and preferences. We fell in love with the idea and such precise execution.

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